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Need to Catch Some Sleep?

We all know sleep is really important, but a lot of us are finding it's a challenge getting a solid nights sleep in these difficult times. If you are having a hard time falling asleep you can:

  1. exercise 30 minutes a day

  2. limiting sugar, chocolate and caffeine especially after 12 pm

  3. don't eat too late into the evening

  4. avoid screen time at least 1 hour before bed

  5. journal your thoughts

  6. read a book

  7. have a dose of either liquid cal-mag or magnesium to relax

  8. do a progressive muscle relaxation

  9. take a slow deep breath in over 5 counts, pause, and exhale slowly over 8

  10. when you breathe in say to yourself: "sleep is good" and as you exhale say to yourself "I love my bed" (repeat over and over until you drift off)

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